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How will I know what ring size I am?

We have a guide so that your jewellery can fit your finger perfectly. Enter any of our ring pages and click on the ‘Size Guide’ that appears just below the ring sizes. Or download it here.

What is the measurement for necklaces?

The chains of our necklaces measure around 45 centimetres in length.

How can I add more characters to my Customised jewellery?

At Singularu we are very conscious about the quality of our jewellery, and for this reason we limit the number of characters of each piece of jewellery in relation to its features and how much it will benefit you. For this reason, it is not possible to add more symbols to a jewellery piece than we allow on the web page.


Do you deliver to the Canary Islands, Melilla and Ceuta?


Will my order arrive early?

Our delivery processes are subject to the estimated time it takes to make your Customised jewellery, as they are made exclusively for you. This is why however much we’d like to, it will be impossible to delivery your order earlier than the estimated time.


Can I pay by COD?

We do not have that payment method option, but you can make your purchase using your credit card or PayPal.

How can I ensure that my purchase has been made properly?

You only have to check that the email has arrived at your inbox to the account that you entered when you placed the order at Singularu. If this is not the case, check that it has not gone to your spam folder or get in touch with us through

How do discount codes work?

You only need to choose the jewellery that you want to buy, add them to the shopping cart and on the same order, to the right, there will be a square box in which we ask you if you have a discount code. Click on that and add it.

Do you have a physical shop?

Currently we don’t have a physical shop, but we allow various payment method and the option to change or return our jewellery if when it arrives it is not how you expected.

Is it possible to receive regular information to my email with the latest Singularu updates and offers?

Of course, you only need to register on our newsletter.