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Tips for your jewellery


How to look after and clean your silver jewellery

We know that when we’re fond of a piece of jewellery, we never want to take it off, which is why it often loses its original shine and darkens a little.

We will show you how to clean your silver jewellery and how to protect them from rusting.

Do you know why silver jewellery becomes darker over time?

The cause of the discolouring is rusting, which occurs as a result of the contact between the jewellery and sulphur or other acids. An amount of corrosion also occurs when they rub against hairbands on your wrist or other kinds of rubber materials, as the rubber sulphide has that impact. Lastly, medicines alter the pH of our skin, and that can make silver jewellery lose its shine. It seems crazy, right?

Many of you will think, “but they also lose their shine when we keep them stored”. Well yes, you’re right, they do. Keeping them stored for a prolonged amount of time also causes the discolouring of jewellery.

After becoming aware of the reasons behind the discolouring of jewellery, here are 5 tips for looking after your silver jewellery and keeping their shine for a long time.

  1. Store your jewellery in a cool and dry place. If it is airtight it will be beneficial to your jewellery, as without oxygen you avoid oxidisation (rusting).
  2. Keep your jewellery away from chlorine, sweat, perfume and sea salt.
  3. Don’t leave all of your jewellery piled up on each other in a box. They can scratch against each other, and furthermore, wood contains acids. The best thing is to store them individually in their own boxes.
  4. Clean your silver jewellery once every two or three months so that they keep their shine and beauty. Put the jewellery in a bowl or sink with water and soap for 10 minutes, even the one you wash your hands in is fine. After, rub it gently with a cotton cloth and then dry it, using the same cloth or with an absorbent kitchen towel. There are also specific products for cleaning silver jewellery in supermarkets and jewellers. In any case, clean them with a small cloth before putting them on, for example the cloth that you use to clean your glasses would be perfect.


How to look after and clean your Gold jewellery

9-carat gold is already a resistant material. It does not corrode or erode, but when used as normal, it may lose its shine due to soap, grease, or dust particles in the atmosphere. If you want to keep your jewellery in perfect condition, follow these three steps which will help you keep them cleaner for longer!

  1. Get in the habit of taking off your gold jewellery before showering, bathing in the sea or swimming pool, and before washing. Soap and other chemicals can be harsh and have a bleaching effect on gold.
  2. Look after your gold jewellery with care. If they contain gems, even more so. Despite being a resistant material it can also deteriorate easily.
  3. Clean your jewellery whenever you can see them start to darken. The longer you leave it, the more the material will deteriorate.

To clean your jewellery more simply and cheaply, here are a few little tips:

First of all, if your gold jewellery has decorative features containing gems or other metals, ensure that the other metals and gems will not be damaged in the cleaning process.

  1. Mix a few drops of mild soap or washing up liquid with warm water in a container.
  2. Put the jewellery into the container. Not all at once, but one by one so that they don’t rub against each other. Leave them for 10 minutes.
  3. Using a soft cloth, clean each piece of jewellery carefully. If you rub them too hard you may damage them.
  4. Now rinse each piece of gold jewellery with warm water, getting rid of the soap and waiting for the water to rinse off clean.
  5. Before putting your jewellery back inside its box or jewellery box, shine it with a small cloth or microfibre cloth. Those used for cleaning glasses are perfect.
  6. You can use specific cleaning products for gold that can be bought in any supermarket or drugstore. If your piece of gold jewellery has decorative features containing gems or other metals, ensure that the other metals and gems will not be damaged in the cleaning process.


How to organise your jewellery

We often complain that our necklaces scratch against our skin, that untangling a chain is an agonizing task or that our jewellery becomes dirty ridiculously quickly. All of this is sometimes the result of a bad organisation of our jewellery.

If each of your pieces of jewellery are special to you and you want them to stay perfect for many years, it is a question of storing them right. Sometimes we believe that wear and tear is caused by simple use, without thinking about the fact that this also occurs when we store them badly. In order to avoid this and to keep your jewellery for life, especially those you buy at Singularu, here are 5 tips for organising jewellery!

  1. Closed chains: It seems logical, doesn’t it? Well obviously not for everyone. Closing the chains of your necklaces and bracelets will prevent those knots from forming that are impossible to untangle, or, even worse, that get caught with other pieces of jewellery. This way, neither the chains nor the necklace will become tangled.
  2. Separate rings: Surely you have a ring that contains precious stones or flat figures. These tend to get scratched or bumped when they’re put together with other rings, for example in a box or container. The best thing to keep your rings perfect is to put them in a special jewellery box for rings, or keep them in their original box.
  3. Necklaces with threads: The problem with threads is the same as with socks. You always lose one. To prevent each necklace from having a different thread, or one that doesn’t match, never let them loose. Not to mention, a thread that doesn’t match can cause a tragic loss.
  4. Gold separate from the rest: Despite the purity and strength of gold, it tends to darken very easily. So much so that oxygen itself makes it lose its shines. That’s why we recommend that you store your gold jewellery in little tote bags, wrapped in cloth or in their original box. This very simple tip means that you can clean them less frequently, allowing them to stay clean for longer.
  5. Away from humid places: We know that with these tips in mind, you’ll stop leaving your jewellery loose in a drawer or desk but, where you place your jewellery box is also important. Surely many of you get ready in the bathroom and therefore keep your jewellery in there…. Big mistake! Humid places considerably damage silver or gold jewellery. Therefore, last but not least, keep your jewellery in dry places where there are no sudden changes of temperature.