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Your Stone according to your Month

We know that in 2011 the zodiac signs changed and how difficult it was to get rid of the idea that, suddenly, we were no longer Aries, Leo... In short, there was drama. So we tell you which stone (and jewel) is the right one to channel all your energy according to your birth month, since we are sure that this will not change ;) Ready? Let's start!

JANUARY - GARNET What are people born in January like?

Those in January, the first of the year. Your personality is associated with loyalty, sensitivity, and social skills (everyone adores you). You are very responsible and constant, if you start something, you finish something. You are a good leader.

Your stone: Garnet. Symbol: This stone gives off energy, vigor and confidence.

FEBRUARY - AMETHYST What are people born in February like?

You are bold, ambitious and dreamer. You sign up for any party and everyone knows that with you, there is a sure plan. Your presence is calming and you give the best advice. Furthermore, when something gets between your eyebrows, you fight until you have it. Determination is something that characterizes you.

Your stone: Amethyst. Symbol: It is considered the color of mysticism and meditation.

MARCH - AQUAMARINE - What are people born in March like?

Time for March! You've been told this a million times, but you have a reputation for being creative, fun and talented. Emotional intelligence is your best weapon and you are capable of turning any complicated situation into a positive one. Is it because your month welcomes spring? We have no proof, but we have no doubt either. Oh and you love being outdoors and exploring new places.

Your stone: Aquamarine. Symbol: Connection with nature.

APRIL - WHITE TOPAZ What are people born in April like?

We know you were waiting for it, you are very impatient ;) You have a reputation for being impulsive, cheerful, and full of vitality. You are dynamic, independent and although you already know it, good vibes will always be guaranteed with you.

Your stone: White Topaz. Symbol: Joy, creativity and abundance.

MAY - EMERALD What are people born in May like?

Those of May, you are girls who attract attention. Your personality stands out (even if it is not your intention) you have that overwhelming “je ne sais quoi”. Being at home all day is not for you, as your mother would say, you have a bad ass. If something doesn't interest you, it doesn't cost you anything to say “bye” and continue on your way.

Your stone: The emerald. Symbol: Positivity, mental clarity, growth and progress.

JUNE - MOONSTONE (Moonstone) What are people born in June like?

With you comes the heat! The personality of June girls is related to good weather. You have an innate ability to make friends and are known for your sense of humor. Furthermore, you are sincere and transparent, almost as much as the water we so long to taste.

Your stone: Moonstone Symbol: Luminosity and purity.

JULY - RUBY What are people born in July like?

Do you want to know the personality of July women? Well, you have a special spirituality and you exude joy and love. You stand out for your generosity and sense of humor, let's see how you're doing.

Your stone: Ruby Symbol: Emotion, courage, passion, joy and strength.

AUGUST - PERIDOT What are people born in August like?

Girls born in August have a strong personality, with character. You have clear objectives and you are determined. You embrace change, but always from peace and calm. You are a good leader, boss and friend.

Your stone: Peridot Symbol: Transmits serenity and tranquility.

SEPTEMBER - SAPPHIRE- What are people born in September like?

Turn for the personality of women born in September. You are open-minded and curious, you like to visit a thousand new places. You love order and your perfectionist personality characterizes you. You are detail-oriented and the people around you value it.

Your stone: Sapphire. Symbol: Knowledge and imagination.

OCTOBER - PINK TOURMALINE - What are people born in October like?

If you were born in October, you are kind, adaptable and hospitable by nature. You love organizing parties and having people at home. Your friends know you for having good taste, natural charm and knowing how to behave.

Your stone: Pink Tourmaline Symbol: It is the color of kindness and positivity.

NOVEMBER - CITRINE- What are people born in November like?

Girls born in November are very calm. You greatly value your time alone, but at the same time, you never say no to a plan with friends. You are more heart than head and you always carry optimism as your flag.

Your stone: Citrine Symbol: Citrine is the color of vitality and optimism.

DECEMBER - BLUE TOPAZ- What are people born in December like?

For those of you who are wondering, what are December girls like? You are known for being a born organizer. In addition, good luck accompanies you. December is a special month, we project all our wishes for the new year and prepare for what is to come, and your personality reflects it. You are full of spirituality and positive energy.

Your stone: Blue Topaz Symbol: Balance, good vibrations

We know that you are curious, you have looked at the month of your friend, your crush or your mother. If you have a gift pending, birthstones are always a good idea.