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Your Jewel according to your Horoscope

Summer is coming, and with it a thousand adventures. We know you are curious, so... Do you want to know what this summer has in store for you and what jewel belongs to your horoscope? We tell you everything. This is the Singularu zodiac.



If you are Aries, your summer is going to be anything but calm, a little as you go. And it is going to be full of love adventures with your partner or with a new love that is yet to come. In addition, you will enjoy your free time to the fullest, making a thousand plans with all your friends. In terms of work challenges, there are some busy months ahead. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes and don't be afraid of change.

Your jewel is... Sea Seahorse Silver Gold Plated Loose Earring 

What characterizes the seahorse is associated with high sensory perception (you live everything to the fullest), persistence, the value of friendship and the joy of good things.


If you are a Taurus, summer is going to be your favorite time. It will be time to reset and start again, acquire new habits and why not, do those things that you have been putting off for a while. Make the most of it to rest mentally and keep those good vibes that characterize you very active. We know that during the year you are going full force, so take things easy and practice slow-living.

Your jewel is… Tropical Grape Silver Gold Plated Earring

Evoking ancient Rome, the grapes are taken slowly, savoring each one of them. The grape is your summer charm. How about some grapes with cheese while you read in front of the sea? Nothing bad.


If you are a Gemini, summer will bring you peace of mind. You will have time to explore what really makes you happy and regain that connection with yourself. We know that summer will help you set new challenges, and will help you be more organized. You will start September with fully charged batteries and a lot of learning in your backpack.

Your jewel is… Tropical Watermelon Loose Earring Gold Plated Silver

You were looking forward to summer as much as you were looking forward to tasting cold, sweet watermelon. This fruit represents great creativity and imagination, in addition to evoking and representing summer in all its splendor.


If you are Cancer, this summer is the summer of empowerment and confidence in yourself! After months of personal work, this is the time where all your effort comes to light. That means that you are stronger than ever to face everything that comes your way, the good and the best. Now it's your turn to enjoy the summer mood.

Your jewel is… Sea Crabby Silver Gold Plated Loose Earring 

The crab will be your summer totem. It is an animal that teaches us that not all routes are direct, and the way to reach the objectives may be different.


If you're a Leo, you're in for a non-stop summer. Yes to everything will be your mantra and you will follow your most summer instinct. Going from plan to plan and shooting for whatever reason will be the usual thing. So we recommend that you have a suitcase ready at the door to leave at any time, but full of bikinis.

Your jewel is… Dino Stegosaurus Earrings Lavender Gold Plated Silver

The purple dino. It will be your summer totem, as it represents madness, magic and creativity. Just what your summer adventures need.


Virgo's summer is going to be one of learning. After a fairly calm year, a summer with curves (the good kind) is coming. Plus, luck is on your side, so if there's something that's been bothering you, it's time to jump in and take a good dip.

Your jewel is… Tropical Pineapple Silver Gold Plated Loose Earring

The pineapple will be your lucky charm, it is ideal for the most adventurous and brave girls, that is, you.


The summer of Libra will be a festival of meeting people, and you won't be able to stand still. Whether it's at a festival or having a drink with friends, you're going to meet a lot of different and interesting people. This means that your friend-making skills (if they were already good) will be better.

Your jewel is… Dino T Rex Green Loose Earring Gold Plated Silver 

Your amulet will be the little green tyrannosaurus, which in addition to being really cute, is a symbol of hope and good vibes.


Your summer is going to be aquatic Scorpio! That means that you will be from the beach to the cove, from the cove to the pool and so on. Life at sea, the best life! This year your vacation is going to be unforgettable, whether with friends, family or partner, something very special awaits you.

Your jewel is… Sea Turtle Silver Gold Plated Loose Earring 

Your amulet, the little turtle. Because he loves to swim and relates to life and nature. It is a symbol of summer.


You are going to change the stress for “let's take it easy.” Let go a little more, learn to go through life a little more relaxed, you will thank us. Heal everything bad and put all your energy into whatever has to come again!

Your jewel is… Tropical Strawberry Silver Gold Plated Loose Earring

The strawberry will be your amulet. This represents passion, romanticism and sweetness. Perfect for summer!


Your summer is going to be great. You will be surrounded by the people you love most and you will also enjoy it to the fullest. Now is the time to not think about what is to come (you do it a lot) and let yourself be carried away by plans, love and good vibes. Don't close yourself off to anything at all, only then will you learn a thousand new things.

Your jewel is… Dino Brontosaurus Loose Earring Gold Plated Silver 

Your amulet will be this dinosaur with blue stone. Blue represents everything good about summer: the sea, ice cream, clear skies... take it with you and feel summer closer than ever.


Your summer will go the way of good humor and activities in nature and love on the surface. You will take care of yourself in every sense of life, so your energies will be through the roof. Be adventurous and dare to do everything that makes you a little dizzy. What happens in summer, stays in summer.

Your jewel is… Dino Spinosaurus Silver Gold Plated Loose Earring


Your summer is linked to sensitivity. You will appreciate each and every thing you see, feel and enjoy. It will be a summer where cycles close and a positive balance is made. But when a door closes, a window opens! So don't miss any opportunity even if you are outside your comfort zone.

Your jewel is… Sea Whale Silver Gold Plated Loose Earring 

The whale is your amulet. It is a symbol of security, sensitivity and connection with emotions. Just what you need.