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9 viral gems that are sweeping influencers

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We have seen them on tiktok, instagram and soon you will see them in your jewelry box. Get them!

All influencers wear them, 7 viral and colorful jewels that all it-girls have in their summer wardrobe. For festivals, events, parties... if you want to be trendy and get the most viral rings, bracelets, and necklaces this season, don't miss these colorful and trendy jewelry from Singularu.


Vitamin D to wear

The Solstice Necklace is the quintessential pendant of this season. We're not saying it, we've seen it happen to more than one.


The necklace of the season

The Single Cross Choker in its silver version and with a cross-shaped design, is ready to complete the most daring looks.


Love at first jewel

The Lovely Heart Red Enamel Gold Plated Ring is a classic. Maxi, colorful and very colorful, sweeps away all influences.


Cascading Colors

The Narcissus Earrings are the most viewed among influencers at all events. They will be your ideal complement.


A classic maxi

The My Ocean Gold Plated Ring is an ideal jewel to combine with thin or colored rings.


The most viral hoops

The Carmen True Colors Hoop Earrings go viral every time an influencer combines them with a wedding look.


The most original jewel in your jewelry box

The Zoe Loose Earring is a triumph among it girls for its original shape, its shine and its thousand ways to combine.


The most viewed necklace on the internet


Pearl earrings

The 5 Bean Pearls Silver Gold Plated Earrings are a success among influencers for their light and shape. Choose them to elevate your looks.

We present you the viral jewelry in trend for the season or seen on social networks. The jewelry looks that all the influencers and it girls wear at the best festivals and events. Colorful rings, stone earrings, 18kt gold plated necklaces with maxi charms and pearl jewelry. This summer's jewels are at Singularu. Get the best women's jewelry for this season.