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10 Jewelry for everyday life

September has arrived, and with it, the need to wipe the slate clean, organize ourselves and start the “year” on the right foot (yes, we are one of those who start the year in September). We know that this month, even though it is “back to school,” is full of good vibes, new beginnings, challenges and the desire to take on the world.

We leave behind the golden sunsets, the eternal after-dinner meals and the smell of the sea, but we welcome one of the most anticipated times (for some) of the year: changing the wardrobe, buying a new agenda, getting inspired by a thousand looks, starting a new hobby... So to make this re-entry a particularly brilliant season, we present you basic jewelry, but with a twist, the kind that can give you any look in seconds, which we know is appreciated with the hustle and bustle of returning.

Ready to shine with these pieces? We begin.

1. Gold Plated Silver Mini Medallion Necklace

The perfect match. A timeless and very versatile chain accompanied by the finest and most elegant mini medal with initial. A combination for your daily looks that goes with everything. Additionally, you can add other charms, medals or pendants. If you are a silver team, you can also show it off in your favorite finish. Oh, and you can choose your handwriting or that of your special someone. This combi is, without a doubt, the most original to give or treat yourself.

2. Birthstones Charm Silver Gold Plated - White Topaz

If you are looking for a special piece of jewelry to wear every day, your birthstone is the piece of jewelry you absolutely need. Combine this lucky charm with the Everything Necklace, the ideal chain in silver or gold plating to show off all your most original charms or pendants. Find your month or that of your favorite person and wear this necklace whatever the occasion. If you are one of those who wants the complete chain pack plus charm, you can find yours here .

3. Triple Spark Loose Earring Gold Plated Silver

If you are looking for an earring for everyday use, this second earring with three brilliant piercing modes will be your best ally. Made of 925 Sterling Silver, it will match all your work outfits.

4. Chic Gold Plated Necklace

An essential basic. This chain is going to be your go-to for getting back to your routine. You can add the charms you want, such as the Gold Plated Lovely Heart Charm or the Gold Plated Black Enamel Star Charm , to give more personality to your outfit. If you are looking for a more sober look and you can wear it alone. Oh, and if you feel daring, mix it with other pendants or chains and show off the layering style. With this jewel, good looks are served.

5. Pack 2 Diamond Necklaces + Mini Moonset Silver Gold Plated

For those who need an everyday necklace, you will love this one. This pack is the perfect combination to turn all your looks into something elaborate and chic. The necklace is made up of 2 necklaces of different heights, you will not need more. It is the 2 in 1 that we should all have.

6. Hoop Earrings Colors Silver Gold Plated

We know that September is not the most colorful month, your wardrobe becomes rather monochromatic, but hey, no one has said that you can't add extra color. What's more, we encourage you to wear colorful pieces, such as these thin and shiny earrings. Combine them with an all black outfit or with a blazer and cargo pants.

7. Pack of 5 Gold Plated Nefertiti Rings

We know that you don't part with your “everyday” rings but sometimes, it's nice to give your trusted look a twist. Just like every month we change our nail color, adding a little joy to your outfits with new rings always feels good. To make it easy, we bring you the Nefertiti Pack, 5 very fine rings in both silver and gold plating, so you can play, change and show off a scandalous ring look.

8. Loose Hoop Earring Klein 7 Silver Gold Plated

This loose earring is ideal for a basic everyday look. We all have those jewelry that wherever we go, they come with us. Wear it as a piercing or second earring and shine!

9. Gold Plated Cane Bracelet

When it comes to original bracelets, the Cane takes the cake. This 18kt gold-plated bracelet has a superpower: elevating any look. If you are looking for a basic bracelet that is elegant, fine, and at the same time timeless, today is your day. The bracelets adapt to any look, more classic or casual. You won't want to take it off.

10. Estellar Silver Gold Plated Ring

The rings that have the objective of dressing the hand so that it stands out. This not only gives you a “touch”, but also makes your daily looks have a higher feeling. Come on, with the Estellar Oro, whatever you wear, it will look like you have worked hard on the outfit, even if it is the first thing you found in your closet (we know that on Monday mornings you are not around to choose an outfit).

And here are the 10 jewels that will make your come back a very brilliant season. We know that returning to routine is not always easy, but hey, with a capsule wardrobe, jewelry to match your overwhelming mood and a thousand new ideas, everything seems more bearable.